Disaster Relief Photography will help you establish a strong basis for claim negotiation

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Preparing to settle a huge loss is certainly the last thing on your mind. If you're like most people, the well being of your family or employees will be of utmost importance.
The well being of your family or employees will be of utmost importance.
Where will you live? Or where will you relocate your business?
How long will you be there?
Where will the money come from?

Of course you have insurance, but how does it all work?

Did you know that the burden of proof of a claim
is your responsibility?
Take the first step to protect the assets of your family or employees by getting an inventory through Disasater Relief Photography
Incredibly 95% of the population has not even made any provision to help settle even the most basic of claims.

Your insurance company will only go so far on good faith alone. Valuable items including jewelry, collectibles, or business contents need an inventory tool that is not only thorough, but affordable, which makes our service a service you cannot do without.

These are the exact situations and problems our company is here to help you get through. Contrary to popular belief your adjustor is there to help. By providing him with your digital inventory you have helped him, and yourself, finish the job of getting your life back on track in the quickest way possible. Your adjustor should be impressed by the steps you have taken to protect your assets.

Our service is fast and easy. Not only is it simple but it will provide you with a strong basis for any type of claim negotiation. Remember, your privacy is of great concern to us. All matters discussed and the inventory itself is held in strict confidence.

Please be advised that our company will not assume responsibility for limited claim reimbursement due to a lack of digital documentation or fraud.
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