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David Grillo is a licensed insurance agent who has served many home and business owners. He saw a dire need for proper documentation of contents in homes and businesses. Grillo started the disaster relief photography business in 2002 with the foresight it was a necessity not a luxury . Since its inception DRP has become an industry leader in the way home and business owners document their belongings protecting themselves in the event of a disaster.  DRP makes it secure and simple.​
It will help you establish a strong basis for claim negotiation.​

Our process makes securing your belongings simple and secure.​

A DRP photographer will go into a home or business and take high quality insurance grade digital photos of every room and what they contain. The photos will then be uploaded securely to the DRP server where they will be time stamped and accessible to only their owner. Proving what you own has never been more simple. The photos will be available for retrieval by the client or insurance adjuster making the entire claim process much easier.​

In the DRP office, there are many newspaper clippings about fires and other devastating events that no one ever thought would happen. Help protect what has taken years to acquire from disaster such as flood, fire, wind etc . Home and business owners who needed to make claims and had proper documentation are so grateful for Disaster Relief Photography’s service.​
If you have insurance, did you know it's your duty to have a complete inventory of your possessions?​

Disaster Relief Photography will give you the a secure online system to implement a home or business inventory.  Simple, Safe, Secure that’s DRP.​